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Daniel and Leslie are a husband and wife team who will work with you to capture your best moments and provide you with images that you will cherish for years to come.

Daniel discovered his passion for photography while attending the University of North Carolina, where he became a staff photographer for The Daily Tar Heel. He has owned a photography studio in his hometown in North Carolina for the last 10 years. He recently moved to Leslie’s hometown of Huntsville following their marriage and is enjoying finding new clients and beautiful locations in the surrounding areas.

Leslie has always had an appreciation for photos and used to spend hours looking through old family photos. She enjoys helping Daniel capture similar images for others so they will have plenty of family memories to look back at one day too.

Our Story

We first met each other in the spring of 2007 when Leslie started a new job as a content editor for a website where Daniel already worked. Over the years, we formed a friendship that grew into more. Traveling together for a work trip in 2014, we began talking over dinner and ended up talking and talking and talking. (The restaurant actually closed during our conversation and we didn’t even realize it!) From that moment forward, we have been inseparable – talking multiple times a day when in separate states and learning to travel frequently so we could date in person too. 

Daniel proposed to Leslie in Monte Sano State Park, where her parents had gotten engaged decades ago. The wedding took place in 2019 at Leslie’s family church in Charleston, SC with a honeymoon to Hilton Head and Disney World. 

We currently reside in Huntsville with our cats and rabbits. (We love all animals and hope to add a dog to our family soon.) We enjoy finding new restaurants, binge-watching TV shows, traveling as much as possible, volunteering with animal rescues, and are always planning our next trip to Disney World! (We go several times a year as Annual Passholders and are Disney obsessed. In fact, we love to discuss Disney so ask us for pro-tips anytime!!)

Our Favorites

We both love all things Disney, traveling to new places, iced coffee, Taco Tuesdays, gorgeous sunsets, & long walks at Target!  But, we also have our own individual favorites too! Here’s all of the important stuff you’ll need to know to figure out who you think is more fun! (Just kidding, you’ll like hanging out with both of us on your shoot!)  

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